Month: January 2014

High Five for Friday

It’s Friday, Friday… Gonna get down on Friday!

Now that you hate me for getting that song stuck in your head…

Anyway, I’m linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday.

Normally, I am so excited about Friday as it is the end of the work week.  However, since I’ve been stuck at home due to snice (check out this post if you don’t know what I am talking about), Friday means I have to go back to work.  At least it’s one day then the weekend, right?!


photo (7)

1. I got my first Julep box! I’ll write a review about it soon, but so far, I love it!


photo (6)

2. My mother-in-law owns a florist, and always makes me the most beautiful wreaths! This time, she did my favorite colors: gray and yellow!


photo (8)

3. As I mentioned in last week’s H54F, I got an iPhone. I figure since I now I have Siri, I should make good use of it. Monty Python, anyone?



4. We ventured out into the snowmageddon.  And of course I had to take the obligitory couple selfie.


2014-01-29 10.20.12

5. Since we rarely get snow, the kids had to figure out ways to sled on the snice.  They were pretty creative.


What have you been up to this week? Did you get caught in snowpocalypse?


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Snow Day!


So a rare occurance for Wilmington has happened: we got snow! Well, actually, it’s just ice… snice… 

Either way, the roads are really bad out here.  We have TWO snowplows in the entire county, that’s how rare snow/ice/snice is for us.  So we got a snow day!

We ventured out earlier this morning to check out the snice.  Linux was a little freaked out but then he bumped into his friend Norman and they had fun playing together.

2014-01-29 10.21.05

Because we rarely have snow, kids around here don’t have sleds, so they were having to get creative.  It was very entertaining to watch them use boxes, surfboards, etc. to try to sled down the hill.

2014-01-29 10.19.47

This is a picture from the last snow we had about 3 years ago.  We had just adopted Linux just a month or two before this.


And this is him today.  He’s definitely grown a lot since then.

2014-01-29 10.26.16

We came back in and I did some cleaning around the house.  Now I am cuddled up on the couch watching When Harry Met Sally and trying to figure out what I am going to do for dinner.  Suggestions welcome. 🙂

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Grammys 2014

One of the best parts about this time of year is all of the award shows.  Last night, the GRAMMYs was on, and it certainly did not disappoint!

I love seeing the red carpet looks especially as the Grammys offer a chance for the celebrities to be a little less formal than other events during this season.  However, it seemed like a lot of people played it safe this year.

Favorite Looks- Women


1. Taylor Swift.  This outfit is a little “safe” for the Grammys, but she looks beautiful nonetheless.


2. Katie Perry.  I don’t like her hair.  I think it was too tight and formal.  But I love her dress! Can’t get much more appropriate than music notes on your dress for the Grammys.


3. Anna Kendrick.  Everything about this look.

4. Kelly Osborne.  Some people may disagree with me, but I just like this look.  I love her hair, and the sequin shoulders just pop.

Favorite Looks- Couples


1. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.  I just think they are cutest couple.


2. Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban.


3. Beyonce and Jay-Z. They look so happy in this shot.

Favorite Performances


1. Pink performing “Try.”  All I can say is that woman is in great shape!


2. Katy Perry performing “Dark Horse.”  Kinda of weird but that’s Katy Perry!


3. Beyonce and Jay-Z.  Powerhouse couple right there.


4. Lorde.  Not my favorite performance actually, but I love “Royals” too much to not include it.  Plus it won Song of the Year!

Did you watch the GRAMMYs? What were some of your favorite looks from the night?  Did your favorite artist perform or win?

High Five for Friday!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

Since it was a short week for me thanks to MLK Day, it made the workdays fly by! I wish every weekend was a 3-day weekend. It’s amazing what I can get done, especially around the house, with that one extra day! However, the rest of the week has been pretty busy, so I’m linking up with Lauren to share the highlights of my week:


1. I got an iPhone 5s. For those of you that know me, this is a huge deal. I am a big Android fan but they seemed to get very buggy after a while. I’m still not a huge Apple fan, but I really like my iPhone so far (especially the fingerprint scanner— my work email requires a password on my phone, so this feature is so nice.  I love not having to enter the password every time to unlock my phone.  Plus, it’s GOLD! I love, love, love anything gold!).  If you have any recommendatons on good apps, please let me know!


2. We got snow! It was just a few flurries, but for Wilmington, this is a big deal. This is the town that had 2-hour school delays just last week for COLDNESS. 


This is me doing Dandayamana-Dhanurasana (bow pose)

3. I made my goal of making to yoga 3 times this week!  I haven’t been very regular about going due to the holidays and some craziness at work.   However, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to make it a priority and get there at least 3x/week.  In case you are wondering, I practice Bikram yoga. You can find more info about it here

photo (5)

Not only did I get rid of a bunch of clothes, but I also organized my closet by type and color. #slightlyocd

4.  I cleaned out my closet.  I am going to take it all to Clothes Mentor and see how much of it they will buy from me.  Then the rest will either be given away to friends or donated to Goodwill.


5. I am very excited to have an entire Saturday to myself.  I don’t know what has happened to me over the last few years because I used to be such a social butterfly and would’ve never enjoyed “alone time.”  But now I look forward to it! I have a couple of errands to run but I’m thinking most of my day will consist of catching up on Downton Abbey and maybe re-watching Gilmore Girls for the hundreth time.

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My Philo(Sophi)

^^^See what I did there?!

I have been wanting to switch up my skin care routine/products for a while.  I’ve been using Clinique for about 18 months, and while I like it a lot, my skin had still been breaking out frequently.  Someone, please tell me when zits are supposed to clear up? I mean, come on, I’m  practically verging on 30.

My sister had been raving about Philosphy‘s skin care products for months, so I thought I would give them a shot.  I picked up trial size version of this set a couple of days ago after talking to one of the associates about my skin care needs.  It included the Purity Made Simple 3-n-1 cleanser, When Hope is Not Enough facial-firming serum, and Hope in a Jar moisturizer. The associate said this set would be a good one for clearing up the blemishes I struggle with, as well as offering some preventative anti-aging since I am not getting any younger. 😉

photo (2)

It’s been 3 days since I started using this set and so far I am very happy!  I had a couple of zits on my chin (that’s where I break out most often) and already most of them have cleared up.  It also doesn’t irrate my sensitive skin at all.  My skin feels so clean and soft — I feel like it really gets all the makeup off which I was concerned about since it didn’t have a toner like Clinique.

I also picked up Philosophy’s Total Matteness serum. This was another recommendation by my sister. She should really be writing this blog, not me! She always has great recommendations. 

photo (3)

Anyway, I am IN LOVE with this product.  Both my sister and I have rather large pores especially around our noses.  I have tried several products and techniques over the years to cover them up, but nothing seemed to work.  This product has completely changed that!

I have been applying the serum morning and night right after I use the Purity 3-in-1 cleanser before the When Hope is not Enough serum and the difference is amazing already!  I wish I had though to take pictures before I started.  My pores are already looking significantly smaller and more tight.  I can’t wait to see the results after several more weeks of use.

What are your favorite skin care products? Have you ever used Philosophy?  I would love to hear your recommendations and experiences!


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Stitch Fix

I just signed up for Stitch Fix after reading about it on a blog I follow, The Christian Wife Life.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? If you haven’t, they send you personalized clothes and accessories based on your Style Profile.

You pay a $20 fee for each box to be shipped, but it applies as a credit toward any of the items you decide to purchase.  Anything you don’t want, just ship it back for free!

I can’t wait to see what comes in my first box, which should come at the end of February!

If you decide to sign up for Stitch Fix, will you use my link? It is!

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A Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The month of December got away from me completely… seriously, I don’t know where it went.  Actually, I don’t know where this entire year went. I am having a hard time grasping that it is 2014.

Anyway, I apologize for being so MIA this month.  We left Christmas Day to go to Disney World and Universal Studios and just returned yesterday.  Between that, Christmas, my birthday which was earlier this month, my nieces’ birthdays, and all the other holiday festivities, I couldn’t seem to find the time to sit down and write a post.

One of my goals for the New Year is to be more consistent on that though!  But for now, I thought I would share a few of the highlights from this month:


Got an updated pic with my two favorite toddlers.  I just can’t get enough of them!


We went to Enchanted Airlie here in town for my birthday which was on the 13th.  We try to go every year— I love seeing all the lights.  It’s very romantic. ❤


After we visited Enchanted Airlie, we went to Carrabba’s for my birthday dinner.  My friend is a waitress there and she snapped this picture of us for me!

Another friend took this picture of us in front of the Christmas tree at church.  I was going to use this for our Christmas card, but I was a slacker and never got around to ordering the cards. Oh well!


Our life group Christmas party (sans kids!)


My nieces’ birthday party (they are 2 years and 1 day apart)


Family birthday dinner.  My brother is thrilled as always.




We got to ring in the New Year at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance!  I loved every minute of it, but I will never do that again.  It was crazy crowded the entire week were there.  But I can mark that one off the bucket list!

Hope you have had a wonderful holiday! I would love to hear about it!

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